LIPID MAPS® Highlights — July, 2018

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Bill Christie
Lipid Matters
A Personal Blog by Bill Christie
July 11th, 2018

It has become commonplace to see new reports of the biochemistry of oxylipins derived from the C20 and C22 polyunsaturated fatty acids, and it is easy to forget that there are some important metabolites of the more simple C18 fatty acids. In particular, I am thinking of the nitro fatty acids derived from oleate and linoleate …

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Lipid of the Month

Sphingomyelins, such as SM(d18:1/16:0) (systematic name: N-(hexadecanoyl)-sphing-4-enine-1-phosphocholine) are a class of sphingolipids composed of the long-chain sphingosine base attached to a fatty acid via an N-acyl linkage and a phosphocholine head group. In humans, sphingomyelins represent ~85% of all sphingolipids, and typically make up 10-20 mol % of plasma membrane lipids. They resemble phosphatidylcholines in their general properties and three-dimensional structure, and in having no net charge on their head groups.

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LIPID MAPS® Structure Database (LMSD) and Classification System

View lipid structures from a database of over 42,000 structures based on the first internationally accepted classification system.

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LIPID MAPS® Gene/Protein Database (LMPD)

A database of lipid-related genes and proteins a database of over 8500 genes and 12500 proteins across 10 major species

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Lipidomics Experimental Data

Submit your own lipidomics data, or view, access and analyze over 500 studies deposited in public repositories, as well as that generated by the LIPID MAPS® Consortium.

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Mass Spectrometry Tools

Perform MS searches on LMSD and high resolution LCMS datasets. Calculate exact mass of lipid ions or predict MS/MS spectra

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Lipid Structure Drawing Tools

Lipid structure-drawing tools for over 50 lipid classes available through online interfaces and REST services.

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Statistical Analyses Tools and Interfaces

Load your own table of processed data grouped by experimental conditions and perform online statistical analyses