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  • Imaging MALDI mass spectrometry using an oscillating capillary nebulizer matrix coating system and its application to analysis of lipids in brain from a mouse model of Tay-Sachs/Sandhoff disease

    Chen Y, Allegood JC, Liu Y, Wang E, Cachón-Gonzalez B, Cox TM, Merrill AH, Jr., Sullards MC

    Analytical Chemistry 80, 2780-8 (2008)

    PMID: 18314967 [10.1021/ac702350g]

  • Linoleate-rich high-fat diet decreases mortality in hypertensive heart failure rats compared with lard and low-fat diets.

    Chicco AJ, Sparagna GC, McCune SA, Johnson CA, Murphy RC, Bolden DA, Rees ML, Gardner RT and Moore RL.

    Hypertension 52, 549-555 (2008)

    PMID: 18663155 [doi:10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.108.114264]

  • Bioinformatics of lipids

    Fahy E

    in Metabolomics, metabonomics and metabolic profiling

    W. Griffiths, Editor RSC Biomolecular Sciences 195-209 (2008)

  • Formation of eicosanoids, E2/D2 isoprostanes, and docosanoids following decapitation-induced ischemia, measured in high-energy-microwaved rat brain.

    Farias S, Basselin M, Chang L, Heidenreich K, Rapoport S & Murphy R.

    Journal of Lipid Research 49, 1990-2000 (2008)

    PMID: 18503030 [doi:10.1194/jlr.M800200-JLR200]

  • Identification of phosphatidylserylglutamtate: A novel minor lipid in Escherichia coli.

    Garrett T, Raetz C, Richardson T, Kordestani R, Son J & Rose R.

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, 1589-99 (2008)

    PMID: 19096047 [doi:10.1194/jlr.M800549-JLR200]

  • Honokiol suppresses survival signals mediated by Ras-dependent phospholipase D activity in human cancer cells

    Garcia A, Zheng Y, Zhao C, Toschi A, Fan J, Shraibman N, Brown HA, Bar-Sagi D, Foster DA, Arbiser JL

    Clinical Cancer Research 14, 4267-74 (2008)

    PMID: 18594009 [10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-08-0102]

  • An inner membrane dioxygenase that generates the 2-hydroxymyristate moiety of Salmonella lipid A.

    Gibbons HS, Reynolds CM, Guan Z & Raetz CRH.

    Biochemistry 47, 2814-2825 (2008)

    PMID: 18254598 [doi:10.1021/bi702457c]

  • Immunology: Oxysterols hold T cells in check

    Glass CK, Saijo K

    Nature 455, 40-1 (2008)

    PMID: 18769427 [10.1038/455040a]

  • Dolichyl-phosphate-glucose is used to make O-glycans on glycoproteins of Trichomonas vaginalis.

    Grabińska K, Ghosh S, Guan Z, Cui J, Raetz C, Robbins P & Samuelson J.

    Eukaryotic Cell 7, 1344-1351 (2008)

    PMID: 18552282 [doi:10.1128/EC.00061-08]

  • Cholesteryl ester hydroperoxides are biologically active components of minimally oxidized LDL.

    Harkewicz R, Hartvigsen K, Almazan F, Dennis EA, Witztum JL & Miller YI.

    Journal of Biological Chemistry 283, 10241-10251 (2008)

    PMID: 18263582 [doi:10.1074/jbc.M709006200]

  • Quantitation of fatty acyl-coenzyme A imolecular species in mammalian cells by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry.

    Haynes C, Allegood J, Sims K, Wang E, Sullards M & Merrill JA.

    Journal of Lipid Research 49, 1113-1125 (2008)

    PMID: 18287618 [doi:10.1194/jlr.D800001-JLR200]

  • Separation of cellular nonpolar neutral lipids by normal-phase chromatography and analysis by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

    Hutchins P, Barkley RM, Murphy RC

    Journal of Lipid Research 49, 804-13 (2008)

    PMID: 18223242 [10.1194/jlr.M700521-JLR200]

  • A macrophage cell model for selective metalloproteinase inhibitor design.

    Jacobsen FE, Buczynski MW, Dennis EA & Cohen SM.

    ChemBioChem 9, 2087-2095 (2008)

    PMID: 18666306 [doi:10.1002/cbic.200800148]

  • Human cytomegalovirus regulates bioactive sphingolipids.

    MacHesky N, Zhang G, Raghavan B, Zimmerman P, Kelly S, Merrill JA, Waldman W, van Brocklyn J & Trgovcich J.

    The Journal of Biological Chemistry 283, 26148-26160 (2008)

    PMID: 18644793 [doi:10.1074/jbc.M710181200]

  • Identification and quantitation of sorbitol-based nuclear clarifying agents extracted from common laboratory and consumer plasticware made of polypropylene

    McDonald JG, Cummins CL, Barkley RM, Thompson BM, Lincoln HA

    Analytical Chemistry 80, 5532-41 (2008)

    PMID: 18533681 [10.1021/ac8005632]

  • Sphingolipidomics: a valuable tool for understanding the roles of sphingolipids in biology and disease.

    Merrill JA, Stokes T, Momin A, Park H, Portz B, Kelly S, Wang E, Sullards M & Wang M.

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, S97-S102 (2008)

    PMID: 19029065 [doi:10.1194/jlr.R800073-JLR200]

  • Dramatic differences in the roles in lipid metabolism of two isoforms of diacylglycerol kinase.

    Milne S, Ivanova P, Armstrong M, Myers D, Lubarda J, Shulga Y, Topham M, Brown H & Epand R.

    Biochemistry 47, 9372-9379 (2008)

    PMID: 18702510 [doi:10.1021/bi800492c]

  • Biodiversity of sphingoid bases ("sphingosines") and related amino alcohols.

    Pruett S, Bushnev A, Hagedorn K, Adiga M, Haynes C, Sullards M, Liotta D & Merrill JA.

    Journal of Lipid Research 49, 1621-1639 (2008)

    PMID: 18499644 [doi:10.1194/jlr.R800012-JLR200]

  • Lipidomics analysis of essential fatty acids in macrophages.

    Quehenberger O, Armando A, Dumlao D, Stephens DL & Dennis EA.

    Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, and Essential Fatty Acids 79, 123-9 (2008)

    PMID: 18996688 [doi:10.1016/j.plefa.2008.09.021]

  • Discovery of new biosynthetic pathways: the lipid A story.

    Raetz C, Guan Z, Ingram B, Six D, Song F, Wang X & Zhao J.

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, S103-8 (2008)

    PMID: 18974037 [doi:10.1194/jlr.R800060-JLR200]

  • Switch-like control of SREBP-2 transport triggered by small changes in ER cholesterol: a delicate balance

    Radhakrishnan A, Goldstein JL, McDonald JG, Brown MS

    Cellular Metabolism 8, 512-21 (2008)

    PMID: 19041766 [10.1016/j.cmet.2008.10.008]

  • Aggregation behavior of an ultra-pure lipopolysaccharide that stimulates TLR-4 receptors

    Sasaki H, White SH

    Biophysical Journal 95, 986-93 (2008)

    PMID: 18375521 [10.1529/biophysj.108.129197]

  • Functional anatomy of phospholipid binding and regulation of phosphoinositide homeostasis by proteins of the sec14 superfamily.

    Schaaf G, Ortlund E, Tyeryar K, Mousley C, Ile K, Garrett T, Ren J, Woolls M, Raetz C, Redinbo M & Bankaitis V.

    Molecular Cell 29, 191-206 (2008)

    PMID: 18243114 [doi:10.1016/j.molcel.2007.11.026]

  • Quantitative analysis of sphingolipids for lipidomics using triple quadrupole and quadrupole linear ion trap mass spectrometers.

    Shaner R, Allegood J, Park H, Wang E, Kelly S, Haynes C, Sullards M & Merrill JA.

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, 1692-707 (2008)

    PMID: 19036716 [doi:10.1194/jlr.D800051-JLR200]

  • Regulation of macrophage function in inflammation and atherosclerosis.

    Shibata N & Glass C.

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, S277-81

    PMID: 18987388 [doi:10.1194/jlr.R800063-JLR200]

  • Journal Article with PMID and PMC 2008
  • Purification and mutagenesis of LpxL, the lauroyltransferase of Escherichia coli lipid A biosynthesis

    Six DA, Carty SM, Guan Z, Raetz CR

    Biochemistry 47, 8623-37 (2008)

    PMID: 18656959 [10.1021/bi800873n]

  • Journal Article with PMID and PMC 2008
  • Phospholipase D1 is an effector of Rheb in the mTOR pathway

    Sun Y, Fang Y, Yoon MS, Zhang C, Roccio M, Zwartkruis FJ, Armstrong M, Brown HA, Chen J

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 105, 8286-91 (2008)

    PMID: 18550814 [10.1073/pnas.0712268105]

  • N-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)retinamide increases dihydroceramide and synergizes with dimethylsphingosine to enhance cancer cell killing.

    Wang H, Maurer B, Liu Y, Wang E, Allegood J, Kelly S, Symolon H, Liu Y, Merrill JA, Gouazé-Andersson V, Yu J, Giuliano A & Cabot M.

    Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 7, 2967-2976 (2008)

    PMID: 18790777 [doi:10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-08-0549]

  • Depth resolution during C60+ profiling of multilayer molecular films.

    Zheng L, Wucher A & Winograd N.

    Analytical Chemistry 80, 7363-7371 (2008)

    PMID: 18778034 [doi:10.1021/ac801056f]

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