Commonly occurring product ions for PE(15:1(9Z)/0:0) (View full structure)

m/zIon DescriptionStructure (click to enlarge)
436.2470Precursor ion [M-H]-
392.1969Neutral loss of ethanolamine(C2H6N) from [M-H]-
374.1864Neutral loss of ethanolamine(C2H6N) and H2O from [M-H]-
239.2017sn1 RCOO- ion
214.0486Loss of sn1 acyl chain as ketene (RCH=C=O) from [M-H]-
196.0380Neutral loss of sn1 RCOOH group from [M-H]-
152.9958Glycerol-3-phosphate ion with loss of H2O
140.0118Ethanolamine phosphate ion
122.0013Ethanolamine phosphate ion with loss of H2O
96.9696H2PO4- ion (from phosphate)
78.9591PO3- ion (from phosphate)
Note: Structures of product ions may represent one of a number of possible isobaric molecules in some cases