Lipidomics update - April, 2018

The lipidomics update provides an overview of developments in lipid research. Each month we offer a fresh collection of research, news and events for the specialist and the interested non-specialist alike.

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LIPID MAPS REST service The LIPID MAPS REST service enables access to a variety of data (including lipid structures and lipid-related genes/proteins) using HTTP requests. These requests may be carried out using a web browser or may be embedded in 3rd party applications or scripts to enable programmatic access. Most modern programming languages including PHP, Perl, Python, Java and Javascript have the capability to create HTTP request and interact with datasets such as this REST service.

Funding opportunity - The NBIA Disorders Association is accepting applications for one-year grants for related to the early detection, diagnosis, or treatment of patients with two forms of NBIA: Beta-propeller Protein-Associated Neurodegeneration (BPAN), and Fatty Acid Hydroxylase-associated Neurodegeneration (FAHN), caused by a mutation in the FA2H gene.

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Retinal (all-trans-retinal) is a polyene isoprenoid chromophore, bound to proteins called opsins, and is the chemical basis of animal vision. Retinal exists in two forms, a cis and a trans isomer. On illumination with white light, the visual pigment, cis-retinal is converted to trans-retinal. This isomer must be transformed back into the cis form by retinal isomerase before it combines again with opsin (dark phase). Both isomers can be reduced to retinol (vitamin A) by a NADH-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase.

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