Lipidomics update - April, 2018

The lipidomics update provides an overview of developments in lipid research. Each month we offer a fresh collection of research, news and events for the specialist and the interested non-specialist alike.

LIPID MAPS® highlights

The LIPID MAPS Structure Database (LMSD) is a relational database encompassing structures and annotations of biologically relevant lipids and includes representative examples from each category of the LIPID MAPS Lipid Classification System. LMSD is the largest public lipid-only database in the world, containing over 40,000 unique lipid structures. Entries include lipids from human, mouse, plants, bacteria, fungi, algae and marine organisms, and computationally generated structures (annotated as such).

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Lipid of the month

LTC4Leukotriene C4

The eicosanoid Leukotriene C4 (LTC4) is the parent cysteinyl leukotriene produced by the LTC4 synthase (glutathione S-transferase II) catalyzed conjugation of glutathione to LTA4. LTC4 is produced by neutrophils, macrophages, mast cells, and by transcellular metabolism in platelets. It is one of the constituents of slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis (SRS-A) and exhibits potent smooth muscle contracting activity. LTC4-induced bronchoconstriction and enhanced vascular permeability contribute to the pathogenesis of asthma and acute allergic hypersensitivity.

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