Lipidomics update - February 2015

The lipidomics update provides an overview of developments in lipid research. Each month we offer a fresh collection of research, news and events for the specialist and the interested non-specialist alike.

LIPID MAPS highlights

LIPID MAPS Protocols - Protocols developed by the LIPID MAPS Consortium for equipment and supplies, procedures, and solutions. Procedure protocols include protocols for primary macrophages, treatment with Kdo2-Lipid A, treatment with 25-OHC, subcellular fractionation, extraction and analysis of various lipid categories, and more. Solution protocols include protocols for Kdo2-Lipid A, growth mediums for primary and cultured macrophages, stock solutions, standards, and more.

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Lipid of the month

Jasmonic Acid
Jasmonic Acid (LMFA02020001), is a C12 fatty acid which is is biosynthesized from linolenic acid by the octadecanoid pathway. It is a plant growth regulator involved in the signaling mechanisms for a variety of conditions including plant defense, wound healing, tuberization, fruit ripening, and senescence Jasmonic acid is also converted to a variety of derivatives including esters such as methyl jasmonate and may also be conjugated to amino acids.

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Key LIPID MAPS® Resources
- publications related to projects funded through the LIPID MAPS® consortium
Lipid Classification System
- the first internationally accepted lipid classification system
Lipid Standards
- MS/MS spectra, annotations for principal product ions, and acquisition parameters
Experimental Data
- centralized studies on macrophages, lipidomics data on human plasma, and more
Structure Database (LMSD)
- over 40,000 unique structures of biologically relevant lipids
Proteome Database (LMPD)
- over 12,500 lipid-associated proteins from major research species
- manually curated lipid metabolism and signaling pathways
- web-based/programmatic access to lipid structure and lipid-related gene/protein data
MS analysis tools
- tools for searching various lipid classes by precursor or product ion
Structure Drawing Tools
- draw and save lipid structures using online menus
- LIPID MAPS® techniques for lipidomics and macrophage cell culture

LIPID MAPS® is funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust.

logo LIPID MAPS® is funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust.