Structure Database (LMSD)

LM_ID Common Name Systematic Name Main Class Sub Class Mass Formula
LMST01080096 Asparacemosone B (25R)-3,12-dioxo-5beta-spirostan-17alpha-ol Sterols [ST01] - 444.29 C27H40O5
LMST01080098 Asparacosin A (25R)-3-dioxo-spirost-5-en-12beta,17alpha-diol Sterols [ST01] - 444.29 C27H40O5
LMST01080040 Kammogenin (25R)-12-oxo-spirost-5-en-2alpha,3beta-diol Sterols [ST01] - 444.29 C27H40O5
LMST04030255 7alpha-hydroxy-3-oxo-4-cholestenoic acid 7alpha-Hydroxy-3,24-bisoxocholest-4-en-(25R)26-oyl-CoA Bile acids and derivatives [ST04] C27 bile acids, alcohols, and derivatives [ST0403] 444.29 C27H40O5
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