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Gene Information

Entrez Gene ID16975
Gene Namelow density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 8, apolipoprotein e receptor
Gene SymbolLrp8
SpeciesMus musculus
Gene Ontology (GO Annotations)
GO IDSourceTypeDescription
GO:0030424 IEA:EnsemblCaxon
GO:0005901 IEA:EnsemblCcaveola
GO:0030425 IEA:EnsemblCdendrite
GO:0016021 IEA:UniProtKB-KWCintegral component of membrane
GO:0005875 IEA:EnsemblCmicrotubule associated complex
GO:0043025 IEA:EnsemblCneuronal cell body
GO:0005886 TAS:MGICplasma membrane
GO:0014069 IEA:EnsemblCpostsynaptic density
GO:0043235 ISO:MGICreceptor complex
GO:0005509 IEA:InterProFcalcium ion binding
GO:0008035 IEA:EnsemblFhigh-density lipoprotein particle binding
GO:0005041 TAS:MGIFlow-density lipoprotein receptor activity
GO:0030229 IEA:EnsemblFvery-low-density lipoprotein particle receptor activity
GO:0071397 IEA:EnsemblPcellular response to cholesterol
GO:0071363 IEA:EnsemblPcellular response to growth factor stimulus
GO:0021766 IGI:MGIPhippocampus development
GO:0021819 IGI:MGIPlayer formation in cerebral cortex
GO:0045860 IGI:MGIPpositive regulation of protein kinase activity
GO:0042493 IEA:EnsemblPresponse to drug