Fatty acyls (FA) and conjugates

Class abbreviations

Common Name Lipid Class [LIPID MAPS] Abbreviation
Fatty acids Fatty Acids and Conjugates [FA01] FA
Wax esters Wax monoesters [FA0701] WE
Wax diesters Wax diesters [FA0702] WD
FA estolides (FAHFA) FAHFA Wax monoesters [FA0701] FAHFA
Short fatty esters* Short fatty esters [FA0710] SFE
Fatty aldehydes Fatty aldehydes [FA06] FAL
Fatty alcohols Fatty alcohols [FA05] FOH
Acyl carnitines Fatty acyl carnitines [FA0707] CAR
Acyl CoAs Fatty acyl CoAs [FA0705] CoA
N-acyl amines N-acyl amines [FA0802] NA
N-acyl ethanolamines N-acyl ethanolamines (endocannabinoids) [FA0804] NAE
N-acyl taurines N-acyl amines [FA0802] NAT

* Short fatty esters (SFE) either have a short-chain acyl or short-chain alkyl residue. Such residues are defined for chain-lengths up to 4 carbon atoms maximum.

Classes or Subclasses