Commonly occurring product ions for PI(P-16:0/22:4(7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z)) (View full structure)

m/zIon DescriptionStructure (click to enlarge)
869.5549Precursor ion [M-H]-
707.5021Loss of inositol from [M-H]-
555.2940Loss of sn2 acyl chain as ketene (RCH=C=O) from [M-H]-
537.2834Neutral loss of sn2 RCOOH group from [M-H]-
393.2412Loss of sn2 acyl chain as ketene (RCH=C=O) and inositol from [M-H]-
375.2306Neutral loss of sn2 RCOOH group and inositol from [M-H]-
331.2643sn2 RCOO- ion
315.0487Glycerophosphoinositol -H2O
297.0381Glycerophosphoinositol -2H2O
287.2744Loss of CO2 from sn2 RCOO- ion (PUFA)
259.0225Inositol phosphate ion
241.0119Inositol phosphate ion - H2O
223.0013Inositol phosphate ion - 2 H2O
152.9958Glycerol-3-phosphate ion with loss of H2O
96.9696H2PO4- ion (from phosphate)
78.9591PO3- ion (from phosphate)
Note: Structures of product ions may represent one of a number of possible isobaric molecules in some cases