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Unusual lipids

Shellfish Lipidome

This paper says that lipids with unusual headgroups aren't well covered in sites like LIPID MAPS. Are there any plans to address this?

Matthew Conroy


       We could certainly add these to LMSD, if they meet the criteria. For this the lipid needs to be fully charachterised with the position (and ideally stereochemistry) of the double bonds known and the sn- locations of the acyl chains known. If you can point us to any literature decsribing this, we'll be happy to add them. 

    Alternatively, it is a class that could be added to COMP_DB, where the sn-position or stereochemistry is not stated. In COMP_DB, the dta is generated from 'commonly occurring' acyl/alkyl chains, and this may be different in mollusks/crustaceans to humans. Again, if you can point us at any literature that would be great. We want to avoid adding bulk species purely theoretically which have no basis in reality, as that's not helpful to the community.