Lipidomics update - April, 2018

The lipidomics update provides an overview of developments in lipid research. Each month we offer a fresh collection of research, news and events for the specialist and the interested non-specialist alike.

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Subcellular fractionation studies on macrophages Measurements of lipid quanitities present in various cell fractions (cytoplasm, ER, mitochondria, nucleus, plasma membrane) for control and treatment with Kdo2-Lipid A. Experiments were conducted with RAW264.7 cells.

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Palmitelaidic acid

Palmitelaidic acid (systematic name: 9E-hexadecenoic acid) is a trans fatty acid (the trans isomer of palmitoleic acid). Trans fatty acids are known to cause changes in plasma lipids and lipoprotein phenotypes, but the mechanisms involved are unknown. The major dietary sources of trans fatty acids are partly hydrogenated vegetable oils, mainly elaidic acid (9E-octadecenoic acid). Additional sources are animal and dairy fats (palmitelaidic acid and trans-vaccenic acid (11E-octadecenoic acid)) and partly hydrogenated fish oils. Palmitelaidic acid has been reported as the predominant trans-16:1 isomer in cheeses made with goat and sheep milk.

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