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  • Macrophages generate reactive oxygen species in response to minimally oxidized low-density lipoprotein: toll-like receptor 4- and spleen tyrosine kinase-dependent activation of NADPH oxidase 2

    Bae YS, Lee JH, Choi SH, Kim S, Almazan F, Witztum JL, Miller YI

    Circulation Research 104, 210-18 (2009)

    PMID:19096031 [10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.108.181040]

  • Uridine-based inhibitors as new leads for antibiotics targeting Escherichia coli LpxC

    Barb AW, Leavy TM, Robins LI, Guan Z, Six DA, Zhou P, Bertozzi CR, Raetz CR

    Biochemistry 48, 3068-77 (2009)

    PMID:19256534 [10.1021/bi900167q]

  • 2-Oxoamide inhibitors of phospholipase A2 activity and cellular arachidonate release based on dipeptides and pseudodipeptides

    Barbayianni E, Stephens D, Grkovich A, Magrioti V, Hsu YH, Dolatzas P, Kalogiannidis D, Dennis EA, Kokotos G

    Bioorganic and Medical Chemistry 17, 4833-43 (2009)

    PMID:19443224 [10.1016/j.bmc.2009.03.069]

  • Crystal structure and acyl chain selectivity of Escherichia coli LpxD, the N-acyltransferase of lipid A biosynthesis

    Bartling CM, Raetz CR

    Biochemistry 48, 8672-83 (2009)

    PMID:19655786 [10.1021/bi901025v]

  • Lithium modifies brain arachidonic and docosahexaenoic metabolism in rat lipopolysaccharide model of neuroinflammation

    Basselin M, Kim HW, Chen M, Ma K, Rapoport SI, Murphy RC, Farias SE

    Journal of Lipid Research in press

    PMID:20040630 [10.1194/jlr.M002469]

  • 25-Hydroxycholesterol secreted by macrophages in response to Toll-like receptor activation suppresses immunoglobulin A production

    Bauman DR, Bitmansour AD, McDonald JG, Thompson BM, Liang G, Russell DW

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 106, 16764-9 (2009)

    PMID:19805370 [10.1073/pnas.0909142106]

  • Stable Isotope Labeled 4-(Dimethylamino)benzoic Acid Derivatives of Glycerophosphoethanolamine Lipids

    Berry KAZ, Turner WW, VanNieuwenhze MS, Murphy RC

    Analytical Chemistry 81, 6633-6640 (2009)


  • Lipidomic analysis of dynamic eicosanoid responses during the induction and resolution of lyme arthritis.

    Blaho V, Buczynski M, Brown C and Dennis E.

    The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284, 21599-21612 (2009)

    PMID:19487688 [10.1074/jbc.M109.003822]

  • Cyclooxygenase-1 orchestrates germinal center formation and antibody class-switch via regulation of IL-17

    Blaho VA, Buczynski MW, Brown CR, Dennis EA

    Journal of Immunology 183, 5644-53 (2009)

    PMID:19843949 [10.4049/jimmunol.0901499]

  • An integrated omics analysis of eicosanoid biology.

    Buczynski M, Dumlao D and Dennis E.

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, 1015-38 (2009)

    PMID:19244215 [10.1194/jlr.R900004-JLR200]

  • Spatial and temporal alterations of phospholipids determined by mass spectrometry during mouse embryo implantation

    Burnum KE, Cornett DS, Puolitaival SM, Milne SB, Myers DS, Tranguch S, Brown HA, Dey SK, Caprioli RM

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, 2290-2298 (2009)

    PMID:19429885 [10.1194/jlr.M900100-JLR200]

  • An editor for pathway drawing and data visualization in the Biopathways Workbench

    Byrnes RW, Cotter D, Maer A, Li J, Nadeau D, Subramaniam S

    BMC Systems Biology 3, 99 (2009)

    PMID:19799790 [10.1186/1752-0509-3-99]

  • Mutational analysis of Burkholderia thailandensis quorum sensing and self-aggregation

    Chandler JR, Duerkop BA, Hinz A, West TE, Herman JP, Churchill ME, Skerrett SJ, Greenberg EP

    Journal of Bacteriology 191, 5901-9 (2009)

    PMID:19648250 [10.1128/JB.00591-09]

  • Lipoprotein accumulation in macrophages via TLR4-dependent fluid phase uptake

    Choi SH, Harkewicz R, Lee JH, Boullier A, Almazan F, Li AC, Witztum JL, Bae YS, Miller YI

    Circulation Research 104, 1355-63 (2009)

    PMID:19461045 [10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.108.192880]

  • Safingol (L-threo-sphinganine) induces autophagy in solid tumor cells through inhibition of PKC and the PI3-kinase pathway

    Coward J, Ambrosini G, Musi E, Truman JP, Haimovitz-Friedman A, Allegood JC, Wang E, Merrill AH, Jr., Schwartz GK

    Autophagy 5, 184-93 (2009)

    PMID:19098447 [10.4161/auto.5.2.7361]

  • Acid sphingomyelinase deficiency prevents diet-induced hepatic triacylglycerol accumulation and hyperglycemia in mice.

    Deevska G, Rozenova K, Giltiay N, Chambers M, White J, Boyanovsky B, Wei J, Daugherty A, Smart E, Reid M, Merrill JA and Nikolova-Karakashian M.

    The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284, 8359-8368 (2009)

    PMID:19074137 [10.1074/jbc.M807800200]

  • Lipidomics joins the omics evolution.

    Dennis E.

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 106, 2089-2090 (2009)

    PMID:19211786 [10.1073/pnas.0812636106]

  • Update of the LIPID MAPS comprehensive classification system for lipids.

    Fahy E, Subramaniam S, Murphy R, Nishijima M, Raetz C, Shimizu T, Spener F, van Meer G, Wakelam M and Dennis E.

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, S9-S14 (2009)

    PMID:19098281 [10.1194/jlr.R800095-JLR200]

  • Identification of phosphatidylserylglutamtate: A novel minor lipid in Escherichia coli

    Garrett TA, Raetz CR, Richardson T, Kordestani R, Son JD, Rose RL

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, 1589-99 (2009)

    PMID:19096047 [10.1194/jlr.M800549-JLR200]

  • Internal energy of molecules ejected due to energetic C(60) bombardment.

    Garrison B, Postawa Z, Ryan K, Vickerman J, Webb R and Winograd N.

    Analytical Chemistry 81, 2260-2267 (2009)

    PMID:19228010 [10.1021/ac802399m]

  • Cooperative NCoR/SMRT interactions establish a corepressor-based strategy for integration of inflammatory and anti-inflammatory signaling pathways

    Ghisletti S, Huang W, Jepsen K, Benner C, Hardiman G, Rosenfeld MG, Glass CK

    Genes & Development 23, 681-93 (2009)

    PMID:19299558 [10.1101/gad.1773109]

  • TLR-4 mediated group GIVA phospholipase A2 activation is phosphatidic acid phosphohydrolase 1 and protein kinase C dependent

    Grkovich A, Armando A, Quehenberger O, Dennis EA

    Biochimica and Biophysica Acta 1791, 975-982 (2009)

    PMID:19230851 [10.1016/j.bbalip.2009.02.002]

  • Discovering novel brain lipids by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry

    Guan Z

    Journal of Chromatography B, Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences Epub ahead of print

    PMID:19303823 [10.1016/j.jchromb.2009.03.002]

  • An integrated model of eicosanoid metabolism and signaling based on lipidomics flux analysis

    Gupta S, Maurya MR, Stephens DL, Dennis EA, Subramaniam S

    Biophysical Journal 96, 4542-51 (2009)

    PMID:19486676 [10.1016/j.bpj.2009.03.011]

  • Subcellular origin of sphingosine-1-phosphate is essental for its toxic effect in lyase deficient neurons.

    Hagen N, van Veldhoven P, Proia R, Park H, Merrill JA and van Echten-Deckert G.

    The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284, 11346-11353 (2009)

    PMID:19251691 [10.1074/jbc.M807336200]

  • Sphingolipidomics: methods for the comprehensive analysis of sphingolipids

    Haynes CA, Allegood JC, Park H, Sullards MC

    Journal of Chromatography B, Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences 877, 2696-708 (2009)

    PMID:19147416 [10.1016/j.jchromb.2008.12.057]

  • Irreversible platelet activation requires protease-activated receptor 1-mediated signaling to phosphatidylinositol phosphates

    Holinstat M, Preininger AM, Milne SB, Hudson WJ, Brown HA, Hamm HE

    Molecular Pharmacology 76, 301-13 (2009)

    PMID:19483102 [10.1124/mol.109.056622]

  • Transcriptional integration of TLR2 and TLR4 signaling at the NCoR derepression checkpoint

    Huang W, Ghisletti S, Perissi V, Rosenfeld MG, Glass CK

    Molecular Cell 35, 48-57 (2009)

    PMID:19595715 [10.1016/j.molcel.2009.05.023]

  • Identification of atypical ether-linked glycerophospholipid species in macrophages by mass spectrometry

    Ivanova PT, Milne SB, Brown HA

    Journal of Lipid Research Epub ahead of print

    PMID:19965583 [10.1194/jlr.D003715]

  • Lipidomics: a mass spectrometry based systems level analysis of cellular lipids

    Ivanova PT, Milne SB, Myers DS, Brown HA

    Current Opinions in Chemical Biology 13, 526-31 (2009)

    PMID:19744877 [10.1016/j.cbpa.2009.08.011]

  • Diacylglycerol kinase epsilon is selective for both acyl chains of phosphatidic acid or diacylglycerol

    Lung M, Shulga YV, Ivanova PT, Myers DS, Milne SB, Brown HA, Topham MK, Epand RM

    Journal of Biological Chemistry 284, 31062-73 (2009)

    PMID:19744926 [10.1074/jbc.M109.050617]

  • Discovery and characterization of novel allosteric potentiators of M1 muscarinic receptors reveals multiple modes of activity.

    Marlo J, Niswender C, Days E, Bridges T, Xiang Y, Rodriguez A, Shirey J, Brady A, Nalywajko T, Luo Q, Austin C, Williams M, Kim K, Williams R, Orton D, Brown H, Lindsley C, Weaver C and Conn P.

    Molecular Pharmacology 75, 577-588 (2009)

    PMID:19047481 [10.1124/mol.108.052886]

  • A mixed-integer nonlinear optimization approach to coarse-graining biochemical networks

    Maurya MR, Bornheimer SJ, Venkatasubramanian V, Subramaniam S

    IET Systems Biology 3, 24-39 (2009)

    PMID:19154082 [10.1049/iet-syb:20080098]

  • Sphingolipidomics: a valuable tool for understanding the roles of sphingolipids in biology and disease

    Merrill AH, Jr., Stokes TH, Momin A, Park H, Portz BJ, Kelly S, Wang E, Sullards MC, Wang MD

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, Suppl S97-102 (2009)

    PMID:19029065 [10.1194/jlr.R800073-JLR200]

  • Purification and characterization of the lipid A disaccharide synthase (LpxB) from Escherichia coli, a peripheral membrane protein

    Metzger LEt, Raetz CR

    Biochemistry 48, 11559-71 (2009)

    PMID:19883124 [10.1021/bi901750f]

  • Phosphatidic acid and N-acylphosphatidylethanolamine form membrane domains in Escherichia coli mutant lacking cardiolipin and phosphatidylglycerol

    Mileykovskaya E, Ryan AC, Mo X, Lin CC, Khalaf KI, Dowhan W, Garrett TA

    Journal of Biological Chemistry 284, 2990-3000 (2009)

    PMID:19049984 [10.1074/jbc.M805189200]

  • Imaging of lipid species by MALDI mass spectrometry.

    Murphy R, Hankin J and Barkley R.

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, S317-S322 (2009)

    PMID:19050313 [10.1194/jlr.R800051-JLR200]

  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv3802c encodes a phospholipase/thioesterase and is inhibited by the antimycobacterial agent tetrahydrolipstatin

    Parker SK, Barkley RM, Rino JG, Vasil ML

    PLoS ONE 4, e4281 (2009)

    PMID:19169353 [10.1371/journal.pone.0004281]

  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Sputtering of Langmuir-Blodgett Multilayers by Kiloelectronvolt C-60 Projectiles

    Paruch R, Rzeznik L, Czerwinski B, Garrison BJ, Winograd N, Postawa Z

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113, 5641-5648 (2009)


  • Dual 12/15- and 5-lipoxygenase deficiency in macrophages alters arachidonic acid metabolism and attenuates peritonitis and atherosclerosis in ApoE knock-out mice

    Poeckel D, Zemski Berry KA, Murphy RC, Funk CD

    Journal of Biological Chemistry 284, 21077-89 (2009)

    PMID:19509298 [10.1074/jbc.M109.000901]

  • Discovery of new biosynthetic pathways: the lipid A story

    Raetz CR, Guan Z, Ingram BO, Six DA, Song F, Wang X, Zhao J

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, Suppl S103-8 (2009)

    PMID:18974037 [10.1194/jlr.R800060-JLR200]

  • Lipidomics profiling in mouse brain reveals differences between ages and genders with smaller changes associated with α-synuclein genotype

    Rappley I, Myers DS, Milne SB, Ivanova PT, LaVoie MJ, Brown HA, Selkoe DJ

    Journal of Neurochemistry 111, 15-25 (2009)

    PMID:19627450 [10.1111/j.1471-4159.2009.06290.x]

  • Replacement of lipopolysaccharide with free lipid A molecules in Escherichia coli mutants lacking all core sugars

    Reynolds CM, Raetz CR

    Biochemistry 48, 9627-40 (2009)

    PMID:19754149 [10.1021/bi901391g]

  • Cardiolipin and the osmotic stress responses of bacteria

    Romantsov T, Guan Z, Wood JM

    Biochimca and Biophysica Acta 1788, 2092-100 (2009)


  • Cholesterol 24-Hydroxylase: An Enzyme of Cholesterol Turnover in the Brain

    Russell DW, Halford RW, Ramirez DMO, Shah R, Kotti T

    Annual Reviews in Biochemistry 78, 1017-40 (2009)

    PMID:19489738 [10.1146/annurev.biochem.78.072407.103859]

  • A Eukaryote-like Cardiolipin Synthase is Present in Streptomyces Coelicolor and in most Actinobacteria

    Sandoval-Calderon M, Geiger O, Guan Z, Barona-Gomez F, Sohlenkamp C

    Journal of Biological Chemistry 284, 17383-17390 (2009)

    PMID:19439403 [10.1074/jbc.M109.006072]

  • pH dependence of sphingosine aggregation

    Sasaki H, Arai H, Cocco MJ, White SH

    Biophysical Journal 96, 2727-33 (2009)

    PMID:19348755 [10.1016/j.bpj.2008.12.3926]

  • A novel fluorescent probe that senses the physical state of lipid bilayers

    Sasaki H, White S

    Biophysical Journal 96, 4631-41 (2009)

    PMID:19486685 [10.1016/j.bpj.2009.03.003]

  • Mechanisms of human insulin resistance and thiazolidinedione-mediated insulin sensitization

    Sears DD, Hsiao G, Hsiao A, Yu JG, Courtney CH, Ofrecio JM, Chapman J, Subramaniam S

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 106, 18745-50 (2009)

    PMID:19841271 [10.1073/pnas.0903032106]

  • Quantitative analysis of sphingolipids for lipidomics using triple quadrupole and quadrupole linear ion trap mass spectrometers

    Shaner RL, Allegood JC, Park H, Wang E, Kelly S, Haynes CA, Sullards MC, Merrill AH, Jr.

    Journal of Lipid Research 50, 1692-707 (2009)

    PMID:19036716 [10.1194/jlr.D800051-JLR200]

  • Regulation of macrophage function in inflammation and atherosclerosis Shibata N, Glass CK

    Journal of Lipid Research

    50, Suppl S277-81 (2009)

    PMID:18987388 [10.1194/jlr.R800063-JLR200]

  • Biosynthesis of undecaprenyl phosphate-galactosamine and undecaprenyl phosphate-glucose in francisella novicida .

    Song F, Guan Z and Raetz CRH.

    Biochemistry 48, 1173-82 (2009)

    PMID:19166326 [10.1021/bi802212t]

  • CYP7B1: one cytochrome P450, two human genetic diseases, and multiple physiological functions

    Stiles AR, McDonald JG, Bauman DR, Russell DW

    Journal of Biological Chemistry 284, 28485-9

    PMID:19687010 [10.1074/jbc.R109.042168]

  • Identification of undecaprenyl phosphate-beta-d-galactosamine in francisella novicida and its function in lipid A modification .

    Wang X, Ribeiro A, Guan Z and Raetz C.

    Biochemistry (2009) 48, 1162-72 (2009)

    PMID:19166327 [10.1021/bi802211k]

  • Altered sphingolipid metabolism induced by tumor hypoxia - New vistas in glycolipid tumor markers

    Yin J, Miyazaki K, Shaner RL, Merrill AH, Jr., Kannagi R

    FEBS Letters Epub ahead of print (2009)

    PMID:19913543 [10.1016/j.febslet.2009.11.019]

  • Phospholipase D1 is required for angiogenesis of intersegmental blood vessels in zebrafish

    Zeng XX, Zheng X, Xiang Y, Cho HP, Jessen JR, Zhong TP, Solnica-Krezel L, Brown HA

    Developmental Biology 328, 363-76 (2009)

    PMID:19389349 [10.1016/j.ydbio.2009.01.035]

  • Ceramide synthase inhibition by fumonisin B1 causes accumulation of 1-deoxysphinganine: a novel category of bioactive 1-deoxysphingoid bases and 1-deoxydihydroceramides biosynthesized by mammalian cell lines and animals.

    Zitomer N, Mitchell T, Voss K, Bondy G, Pruett S, Garnier-Amblard E, Liebeskind L, Park H, Wang E, Sullards M, Merrill JA and Riley R.

    The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284, 4786-4795 (2009)

    PMID:19095642 [10.1074/jbc.M808798200]

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