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The LIPID MAPS® consortium provides a range of tools and resources to facilitate lipid research. Find out more below, explore using the navigational tabs above or go to our search page.

  • LIPID MAPS® publications
    Publications related to projects funded through the LIPID MAPS® consortium since 2003, organized by year published.
  • Lipid classification
    LIPID MAPS® has developed the first internationally accepted lipid classification, nomenclature, and structural representation systems
  • Standards
    Lipid standards, with MS/MS spectra, available to the scientific community
  • Experimental data
    Defining the "lipidome": results from standardized time course lipidomics, gene expession and other data on the mouse macrophage
  • Databases
    Browse the annotated lipid structures database and the proteome database of lipid-associated proteins
  • Pathways
    Lipid metabolism and signaling pathways based on LIPID MAPS® data and the wider literature
  • LIPID MAPS® REST Service
    Fast web-based and programmatic access to lipid structure data and lipid-related gene/protein information
  • Tools
    Online and downloadable tools for drawing lipid structures and working with mass spectrometry data
  • Protocols
    Techniques for lipidomics and macrophage cell culture
  • Lipidomics services
    Fee for service lipidomics analysis
  • Tutorials and instructions
    Definitions, categories, and functions of lipids; author recommendations; bioinformatics tools tutorials
  • Links
    Other online resources, journals and communications tools
  • Downloads
    Download or programmatically access the lipid structures database
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Key LIPID MAPS® Resources
- publications related to projects funded through the LIPID MAPS® consortium
Lipid Classification System
- the first internationally accepted lipid classification system
Lipid Standards
- MS/MS spectra, annotations for principal product ions, and acquisition parameters
Experimental Data
- centralized studies on macrophages, lipidomics data on human plasma, and more
Structure Database (LMSD)
- over 40,000 unique structures of biologically relevant lipids
Proteome Database (LMPD)
- over 12,500 lipid-associated proteins from major research species
- manually curated lipid metabolism and signaling pathways
- web-based/programmatic access to lipid structure and lipid-related gene/protein data
MS analysis tools
- tools for searching various lipid classes by precursor or product ion
Structure Drawing Tools
- draw and save lipid structures using online menus
- LIPID MAPS® techniques for lipidomics and macrophage cell culture

LIPID MAPS® is funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust.

logo LIPID MAPS® is funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust.