We have carefully constructed these lipid pathways based on LIPID MAPS experimental data and data from the literature. LIPID MAPS experimental data obtained from our lipid time course experiments and microarray experiments on macrophagese were mapped to corresponding lipids and genes, respectively.

Eicosanoids media Pathway maps created using VANTED

VANTED is a tool for the visualization and analysis of networks with related experimental data. For more information on VANTED, please refer to: Björn H. Junker, Christian Klukas and Falk Schreiber (2006): VANTED: A system for advanced data analysis and visualization in the context of biological networks. BMC Bioinformatics, 7:109 (

Arachidonic Acid Metabolism Pathway maps and pathway files for editing within Pathway Editor

Pathway Editor is a program for managing, visualizing, and editing signaling and metabolic pathways. Pathways may be created from scratch, visualized by opening a .path file, or may be downloaded from the LIPID MAPS website. Measured data may be downloaded by the program and displayed graphically.

Pathway table Tabular display of lipid pathways (including structures and gene information)

Lipid-related pathways, or portions of pathways are displayed in tabular format with lipid structures and related information organized in columns. Another display format is an enzymatic reaction format where substrate and product are displayed in separate rows, with an intervening row showing the gene information for the enzyme catalyzing that step.

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Key LIPID MAPS® Resources
- publications related to projects funded through the LIPID MAPS® consortium
Lipid Classification System
- the first internationally accepted lipid classification system
Lipid Standards
- MS/MS spectra, annotations for principal product ions, and acquisition parameters
Experimental Data
- centralized studies on macrophages, lipidomics data on human plasma, and more
Structure Database (LMSD)
- over 40,000 unique structures of biologically relevant lipids
Proteome Database (LMPD)
- over 12,500 lipid-associated proteins from major research species
- manually curated lipid metabolism and signaling pathways
- web-based/programmatic access to lipid structure and lipid-related gene/protein data
MS analysis tools
- tools for searching various lipid classes by precursor or product ion
Structure Drawing Tools
- draw and save lipid structures using online menus
- LIPID MAPS® techniques for lipidomics and macrophage cell culture

LIPID MAPS® is funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust.

logo LIPID MAPS® is funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust.