Perform in-silico MS/MS peak prediction for Glycosylceramides

Enter glycan sequence (without alpha/beta anomeric designations) in IUPAC linear condensed format.
Locants may be omitted if not selecting A or X ion options.
Select N-acyl chain, sphingoid base and ion-type.
If the permethylation option is selected, choose one of the positive ion types.
Acyl chain
Sphingoid Base
Show glycan fragment ions: Y ions:   Z ions:   X ions:   B ions:   C ions:   A ions:
Show sphingoid base fragment ions: N'' ions:   P/R ions:  
Show N-acyl fragment ions: S/T ions:   U ions:   V ions:   RCOO- ions:
Permethylation: Positive ion mode only (W/Z0, U/Z0, W'/Z0 fragments)
Max number of Y/Z ion cleavages:
Without locants: Gal-GalNAc-(NeuAc)-Gal-Glc or Gal-GalNAc(NeuAc)Gal-Glc
With locants: Gal1-3GalNAc1-4(NeuAc2-3)Gal1-4Glc or Gal3GalNAc4(NeuAc3)Gal4Glc
Use "SulfoGlc", "SulfoGal", etc. for sulfated sugars
Don't use a/b or alpha/beta anomeric designations.