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New look to the LMSD lipid pages

26th May 2021

We’ve just updated the pages for each lipid in the LMSD database to give them a fresh look and a few extra features. All the information that was there before is still present, but the page is slightly rearranged.
 We’ve added a taxonomy section to indicate which species we curated the lipid from, and the paper describing it. Of course many lipids are ubiquitous, but these data should help inform your study. For instance, in a human lipidomics study, one is unlikely to encounter lipids found in starfish (such as 24-northornasterol A). Populating this information for the lipids we already have is an ongoing task, but as we add new lipids, we’ll definitely show where they have come from.
Updating the LMSD pages enables us to add other exciting features we have planned, so watch this space!

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