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September 2022

Lipid of the month Glucosylsphingosine

Glucosyl sphingosine was first detected in mammalian tissue nearly fifty years ago when it was observed in patients with Gaucher's disease1, This condition is characterized by a deficiency in glucocerebrosidase, the enzyme which removes the glucose from glucosyl ceramide to form ceramide. As a result, glucosyl ceramide accumulates in certain tissues. 

Glucosyl sphingosine is formed from glucosyl ceramide by removal of the acyl group. This is an unusual reaction which is not observed in healthy subjects. In the skin of patients suffering from atopic dermatitis (AD) however, glucosyl sphingosine is seen in high amounts due to increased levels of an enzyme which specifically removes the acyl chain from glucosyl ceramide2.

Glucosyl sphingosine has been implicated as the source of irritation and itchiness in AD3  with recent papers suggesting a mechanism by which it activates various molecular receptors and ion channels in the skin which seem to interact with each other4,5.Understanding this mechanism more fully could help in treating the symptoms of AD.


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