Lipidomics studies on macrophages - bone marrow-derived macrophages treated with Kdo2-Lipid A

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Macrophages were isolated from bone marrow progenitor cells obtained from the long bones of mice, as per protocols PP0000003500 and PP0000001801 (pdf). Cells were treated for 6 or 24 hours with Kdo2-Lipid A. Untreated cells were used as a zero timepoint. Three separate experiments (biological replicates) were carried out, and a single MS measurement was performed on each sample.


Kdo2-Lipid A of Escherichia coli, a defined endotoxin that activates macrophages via TLR-4. Raetz C, Garrett T, Reynolds C, Shaw W, Moore J, Smith JD, Ribeiro A, Murphy R, Ulevitch R, Fearns C, Reichart D, Glass C, Benner C, Subramaniam S, Harkewicz R, Bowers-Gentry R, Buczynski M, Cooper J, Deems R and Dennis E. Journal of Lipid Research 47, 1097-1111 (2006)
PMID:16479018 [doi:10.1194/jlr.M600027-JLR200]