About Our Academic Partners

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LSI aims to create a common standard for minimum acceptable data quality and reporting for lipidomics. We aim to centralize lipidomics standards with the goal of guiding and stimulating users, reviewers, editors, and funders towards harmonized lipidomic outputs. This covers the major lipidomic workflows including sample collection, storage as well as data deconvolution and reporting. The initiative is a community-wide effort covering methodological progress based on the input of researchers in the field.

The UK Node (ELIXIR-UK) is a distributed effort across the UK partners and builds upon the breadth and depth of the consortium members to provide training and resources that support the bioinformatics and broader research community to have impact and relevance at the national, European and international level.

The UK Node is overseen by Joint Head of Nodes Prof. Carole Goble (University of Manchester) and Prof. Neil Hall (Earlham Institute). The UK Node coordination office is located at Earlham Institute and funded by the BBSRC, MRC and NERC. This funding supports the coordination activities and does not provide funding for the UK Node’s resources and services. Services and resources are expected to raise their own funding through a diversity of funding schemes.

ELIXIR was founded in 2014 and currently includes 23 members and over 220 research organisations who work together via a ‘Hub and Nodes’ model.