LIPID MAPS® Structure Database (LMSD)

The LIPID MAPS® Structure Database (LMSD) is a relational database encompassing structures and annotations of biologically relevant lipids. As of today, LMSD contains 47867 unique lipid structures, making it the largest public lipid-only database in the world.

Structures of lipids in the database come from several sources: (i) LIPID MAPS® Consortium's core laboratories and partners; (ii) lipids identified by LIPID MAPS® experiments; (iii) biologically relevant lipids manually curated from LIPID BANK, LIPIDAT, Lipid Library, Cyberlipids, ChEBI and other public sources; (iv) novel lipids submitted to peer-reviewed journals; (v) computationally generated structures for appropriate classes.

All the lipid structures in LMSD adhere to the structure drawing rules proposed by the LIPID MAPS® consortium. All lipids in the LMSD have been classified using the LIPID MAPS® Lipid Classification System. Each lipid structure has been assigned a LIPID MAPS® ID (LM_ID) which reflects its position in the classification hierarchy. In addition to a classification-based retrieval of lipids, users can search LMSD using either text-based or structure-based search options.

Lipid Category Curated Computationally-generated All
Fatty Acyls [FA] 8675 1878 10553
Glycerolipids [GL] 354 7379 7733
Glycerophospholipids [GP] 1746 8328 10074
Sphingolipids [SP] 1801 3168 4969
Sterol Lipids [ST] 3643 0 3643
Prenol Lipids [PR] 2401 0 2401
Saccharolipids [SL] 51 1294 1345
Polyketides [PK] 7149 0 7149
TOTAL 25820 22047 47867
Number of structures per lipid category


We provide multiple options for accessing LMSD records, as outlined below.


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