LIPID MAPS® Lipidomic Ion Mobility Database

The Lipidomic Ion Mobility database was developed in collaboration with the McLean research group at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN who have generated a repository (The Unified Compendium) of > 3800 experimentally acquired CCS values obtained from traceable molecular standards and measured with drift tube-mass spectrometers.

The initial database was created by mapping a subset of 835 lipid measurements to the LIPID MAPS® classification system and contains representatives from 7 of the 8 major lipid categories. We have recently expanded the database to include data provided by the Griffin lab at the University of Cambridge, UK, who aquired 47 Fatty Acids, for which a total of 268 conformers could be detected.

The Lipidomic Ion Mobility database can be searched by lipid name and filtered by LIPID MAPS® lipid category.

Lipid Category Number of Lipids
Fatty acyls 438
Glycerolipids 4
Glycerophospholipids 326
Sphingolipids 147
Sterol lipids 74
Prenol lipids 13
Sacccharolipids 0
Polyketides 101
Total 1103
Number of Entries by LIPID MAPS® Category

Overview of Interfaces

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