BioPAN: Documentation

BioPAN for Bioinformatics Methodology For Pathway Analysis is a tool that allows users to upload their own mammalian lipidomics dataset and perform a pathway analysis. In this analysis, users can explore systematic changes in lipid pathways at different levels: lipid class and lipid species. Those pathways will be highlighted and changes in enzyme activity will also be predicted.

BioPAN is fully integrated with LipidLynxX 1 to allow the user to upload dataset from different naming conventions and levels.

The following figure presents the workflow of BioPAN:

BioPAN steps

BioPAN does not require any installation. You can use it directly from the interface available on the LIPID MAPS® website. You will be able to access to your current analysis for 30 days.

Quick start

Do you want to start quickly to use BioPAN? Read the Quick start.

First steps

Do you want to understand how to launch the tool? How should the input data be formatted? And how will the software process your data? Learn about the first steps to start your analysis confidently.

Analyse the pathways

Do you want to understand how to interpret and explore the results? Learn more about it by following the next pages.

Read more and report problems

Do you want to read more about BioPAN? Or, do you have a problem with BioPAN?
Read the following page: Paper and contact.


Zhixu Ni, Maria Fedorova. LipidLynxX: a data transfer hub to support integration of large scale lipidomics datasets. bioRxiv, 2020.04.09.033894.