LIPID MAPS® Lipidomics Gateway

BioPAN's Workflow

STEP 1: Load a data file

There are guidelines on how prepare your data here.
After loading a file, LipidLynxX1 will be firslty launched in the background to convert the lipid molecular species naming used in the file to the BioPAN nomenclature.

  • Option 1: select a data file for analysis

  • Option 2: try BioPAN with a demonstration file

The small demonstration file is downloadable and the complete dataset2 .

1 LipidLynxX: a data transfer hub to support integration of large scale lipidomics datasets. Zhixu Ni, Maria Fedorova.
bioRxiv, 2020.04.09.033894.

2 A nutritional memory effect counteracts the benefits of dietary restriction in old mice. Oliver Hahn, Lisa F. Drews, An Nguyen et al.
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