Canonical and noncanonical functions of human 5-lipoxygenase

Presented by: Prof. Dr. Dieter Steinhilber


A LIPIDMAPS Webinar hosted by Val O'Donnell with guest speaker Dieter Steinhilber

About Prof. Dr. Dieter Steinhilber

Prof. Dr. Dieter Steinhilber studied pharmacy at the University of Tübingen. After an assistantship there he spent a postdoc period with Prof. Bengt Samuelsson. In 1994 he received an associated professorship and since 2000 he is a full professor for Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. From 1999 to 2008 and again since 2012 he is the director of this Institute. Prof Steinhilber was the chairman of a European Graduate Programs “Roles of Eicosanoids in Biology and Medicine” and the chairman of the “Else Kröner Fresenius-Graduate Program” which are joint institutions of Goethe University and the Karolinska Institute. He is the chairman of the graduate center FIRST which is responsible for the PhD education in biomedical sciences at Frankfurt University. From 2012-2015, he was the President of the German Pharmaceutical Society and from 2019-2022, he was the President of EUFEPS. He has published more than 300 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals. His research focusses on lipid signalling mechanisms in inflammation and cancer and new therapeutic strategies with a special focus on the arachidonic acid cascade.

February 28th, 2023
5pm GMT | 9am PST | 12pm EST
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Image of Prof. Dr. Dieter Steinhilber Prof. Dr. Dieter Steinhilber Goethe University Frankfurt