Novel functions of sPLA2s, role of inhibitors and PLA2R1

Presented by: Dr Gérard Lambeau


A LIPIDMAPS® Webinar hosted by Val O'Donnell with guest speaker Dr Gérard Lambeau

About Dr Gérard Lambeau

Gérard Lambeau is Director of Research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and team Leader at the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (IPMC), in Valbonne Sophia Antipolis, France. He graduated from the University Côte d’Azur and received his PhD in Biological Sciences in 1995, at the time he discovered PLA2R1, a receptor for a family of secreted phospholipases A2 (sPLA2s). Over the last 30 years, his research focuses on the pathophysiological functions of sPLA2s and PLA2R1, in “all their states”, highlighting these proteins as therapeutic targets and biomarkers in cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, cancers and infections. Over the last decade, his team has collaborated with nephrologists to identify PLA2R1 and THSD7A as two important autoantigens in membranous nephropathy, a rare but severe autoimmune kidney disease. He has co-authored 165 publications (H-index: 72; >17 000 citations, Google scholars) and has been the recipient of several awards.

June 27th, 2023
6pm BST | 10am PDT | 1pm EDT
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Image of Dr Gérard Lambeau Dr Gérard Lambeau