"Bulk" Structure Searches
— Search LMSD with a List of Precursor Ions

The LIPID MAPS® Structure Database (LMSD) is a relational database encompassing structures and annotations of biologically relevant lipids. One can use this interface to search for "bulk", or "chain composition", structures — which provide information on number of carbons and double bond equivalents, but not regiochemistry or geometry — found in LMSD. Search results are based on theoretical considerations. It is highly recommended to validate formation and intensity of adduct ions in the individual setup. This should be done using authentic lipid standards. While only "bulk" lipid species are shown in the initial search results, links to corresponding fully annotated discrete lipids found in LMSD are provided.

As of 2021-03-02, LMSD contains 45568 unique lipid structures, making it the largest public lipid-only database in the world. Please note, however, that only lipids in categories Fatty Acyls [FA], Glycerolipids [GL], Glycerophospholipids [GP], and Sphingolipids [SP] are included in this search. Lipids in categories Sterol Lipids [ST], Prenol Lipids [PR], Saccharolipids [SL], and Polyketides [PK] are not amenable to representation by a "bulk" abbreviation.

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Fatty Acyls [FA]
All Fatty Acyl Classes
Fatty acids/esters (FA)
Acyl carnitines (CAR)
Acyl CoAs (CoA)
N-acyl ethanolamines (NAE)
N-acyl taurines (NAT)
Glycerolipids [GL]
All Glycerolipid Classes
Tri(acyl|alkyl)glycerols (TG)
Di(acyl|alkyl)glycerols (DG)
Mono(acyl|alkyl)glycerols (MG)
Monogalactosyldiacylgylcerols (MGDG)
Monogalactosyldiacylgylcerols (DGDG)
Sulfoquinovosyldiacylglycerols (SQDG)
Glycerophospholipids [GP]
All Glycerophospholipid Classes
Glycerophosphocholines (PC)
Glycerophosphates (PA)
Glycerophosphoserines (PS)
Glycerophosphoethanolamines (PE)
Glycerophosphoglycerols (PG)
Glycerophosphoinositols (PI)
Glycerophosphoinositol phosphates (PIP)
Cardiolipins (CL)
Bis(monoacylglycero)phosphates (BMP)
Sphingolipids [SP]
All Sphingolipid Classes
Sphingoid bases (SPB)
Sphingoid base phosphates (SPBP)
Ceramides (Cer)
1-O-acyl ceramides (ACer)
Ceramide phosphates (CerP)
PI-ceramides (IPC)
PE-ceramides (EPC)
Sphingomyelins (SM)
Hexosyl ceramides (HexCer)
Mannosyl-PI-ceramides (MIPC)
Mannosyl-di-PI-ceramides (M(IP)2C)
Dihexosyl ceramides (Hex2Cer)
Sulfatides (SHexCer)
Glycosphingolipids (Various)
Sterol Lipids [ST]
All Sterol Lipid Classes
Sterols, inc. bile acids (ST)
Cholesterol esters (CE)
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