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LM IDLMGP02040015
Common Name-
Systematic Name1-tetradecanyl-2-(8-[3]-ladderane-octanyl)-sn-glycerophosphoethanolamine
Exact Mass
683.5254 (neutral)    Calculate m/z:
CategoryGlycerophospholipids [GP]
Main ClassGlycerophosphoethanolamines [GP02]
Sub ClassDialkylglycerophosphoethanolamines [GP0204]
PubChem CID42607459
InChIKeyBRDHQOGGOROTRW-MXFUHDRJSA-N  Show lipids differing only in stereochemistry/bond geometry
CommentsSubmitted by Henry Boumann, Netherlands
ReferencesPubMed ID: 18385981
Calculated physicochemical properties (?):
 Heavy Atoms47Rings4Aromatic Rings0Rotatable Bonds31
 van der Waals
Molecular Volume
717.39Topological Polar
Surface Area
Bond Donors
Bond Acceptors
LIPID MAPS abbreviations for glycerophospholipids (GP)

The LIPID MAPS glycerophospholipid abbreviations (PC, PE, etc.) are used here to refer to species with one or two radyl side-chains where the structures of the side chains are indicated within parentheses in the 'Headgroup(sn1/sn2)' format (e.g. PC(16:0/18:1(9Z)). By default, R stereochemistry at the C-2 carbon of glycerol and attachment of the headgroup at the sn3 position is assumed. Also, acyl chains are assumed by default. The 'O-' prefix is used to indicate the presence of an alkyl ether substituent e.g. PC(O-16:0/18:1(9Z)), whereas the 'P-' prefix is used for the 1Z-alkenyl ether (Plasmalogen) substituent e.g. PC(P-16:0/18:1(9Z)).

For molecules with opposite (S) stereochemistry at C2 of the glycerol group and attachment of the headgroup at the sn1 position, the stereochemistry specification of [S] is appended to the abbreviation. The 'Headgroup(sn3/sn2)' abbreviation format is used.

For molecules with unknown stereochemistry at the C-2 carbon of the glycerol group, the stereochemistry specification of [U] is appended to the abbreviation and the structure is drawn with C-2 stereochemistry unspecified.