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Lipid Classification System

The LIPID MAPS® Lipid Classification System is comprised of eight lipid categories, each with its own subclassification hierarchy. All lipids in the LIPID MAPS® Structure Database (LMSD) have been classified using this system and have been assigned LIPID MAPS® ID's (LM_ID) which reflects their position in the classification hierarchy. LMSD can be searched by lipid class, common name, systematic name or synonym, mass, InChIKey or LIPID MAPS® ID with the search box in the banner, or alternatively, by LIPID MAPS® ID, systematic or common name, mass, formula, category, main class, subclass data, or structure or sub-structure with one of the search interfaces in the LMSD database section. Each LMSD record contains an image of the molecular structure, common and systematic names, links to external databases, Wikipedia pages (where available), other annotations and links to structure viewing tools. In addition to LMSD search interfaces, you can drill down through the classification hierarchy below to the LMSD record for an individual lipid.

Classification Updates (updated on March 20th, 2017)
Lipid - wikipedia page

Lipid Categories

Sterol Lipids [ST]
Sterols [ST01]
Cholesterol and derivatives [ST0101]
Sterol esters [ST0102]
Ergosterols and C24-methyl derivatives [ST0103]
Stigmasterols and C24-ethyl derivatives [ST0104]
C24-propyl sterols and derivatives [ST0105]
Gorgosterols and derivatives [ST0106]
Furostanols and derivatives [ST0107]
Spirostanols and derivatives [ST0108]
Furospirostanols and derivatives [ST0109]
Cycloartanols and derivatives [ST0110]
Calysterols and cyclopropyl sidechain derivatives [ST0111]
Cardanolides and derivatives [ST0112]
Bufanolides and derivatives [ST0113]
Brassinolides and derivatives [ST0114]
Solanidines and alkaloid derivatives [ST0115]
Withanolides and derivatives [ST0116]
Homo-aro-chlesterols and derivatives [ST0117]
Steroids [ST02]
C18 steroids (estrogens) and derivatives [ST0201]
C19 steroids (androgens) and derivatives [ST0202]
C21 steroids (gluco/mineralocorticoids, progestogins) and derivatives [ST0203]
Secosteroids [ST03]
Vitamin D2 and derivatives [ST0301]
Vitamin D3 and derivatives [ST0302]
Vitamin D4 and derivatives [ST0303]
Vitamin D5 and derivatives [ST0304]
Vitamin D6 and derivatives [ST0305]
Vitamin D7 and derivatives [ST0306]
Bile acids and derivatives [ST04]
C22 bile acids, alcohols, and derivatives [ST0405]
C23 bile acids, alcohols, and derivatives [ST0406]
C24 bile acids, alcohols, and derivatives [ST0401]
C25 bile acids, alcohols, and derivatives [ST0407]
C26 bile acids, alcohols, and derivatives [ST0402]
C27 bile acids, alcohols, and derivatives [ST0403]
C28 bile acids, alcohols, and derivatives [ST0404]
C29 bile acids, alcohols, and derivatives [ST0408]
Steroid conjugates [ST05]
Glucuronides [ST0501]
Sulfates [ST0502]
Glycine conjugates [ST0503]
Taurine conjugates [ST0504]
Other Steroid conjugates [ST0505]
Other Sterol lipids [ST00]